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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

Zoom Conference calling Zoom Conference Coaching Zoom Conference Coaching

We’re in the business of…

IMPACT and your power to create it!

We will guide you to discover and hone your talent skills.

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A memorable and lasting…

IMPACT is the key to achieving your goals.

We help present you to the public - our experience can't be matched.

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to IMPACT audiences...

in interviews, talk shows, social media and live appearances!

What we do

Mastering Media through Media Coaching for Entertainment and Business Professionals from Los Angeles to New York

At Media Savvy Plus, we create a powerful and clear media voice for our clients. Based in Los Angeles, we travel to wherever a client needs us - across the country, internationally and via the web. Through media coaching, we will coach you through the process of unveiling the compelling public persona that exists within you. We find the voice that can become the compass/guide for future appearances and opportunities. Our approach is deeper than simply giving you the tips. We look at the whole self and how to integrate who you really are with what it is you want to present. We’ve booked, coached, and nurtured talent as staff on The Tonight Show and a dozen other talk, interview, and magazine shows. Major stars have relied on us all the way to their Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe wins. Broadway casts learned the art of the interview from us.

We have practiced media training for decades. So much that it is embedded in our DNA. It’s in our blood and it revolves around our entire day. We are dedicated to finding the best qualities each person already has to show them off in the right setting. As expert media coaches, we will guide you through the process of unveiling the perfect public persona that has been in you the entire time. Unlike other coaches, we will not create a role or mask who you truly are to the public. Instead, we will bring you to a place of absolute comfort while all the attention is on you. With us as your guides, you will always stay true to yourself. We take pride in finding the voice and story that resonates with your passion and experience.

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Who we are

What we do:

  • Develop Talent and Refine It for Media Appearances
  • Produce Events Tailored to Your Needs
  • Train for Public Presentations

Fast Track Coaching Sessions - Mastering Media 101

Four intense hours that will change your life. Over and over we hear from our clients that they can’t believe how much they’ve learned, how much their confidence grew in our Fast Track media coaching sessions.

Support Services for your dreams Helping you to tell the story of you!

  • Personal and Group Media Coaching Media coaching is the process of creating and developing your public persona. Uncover and develop the way you are seen in your presentations. Learn how to present that authentic you naturally and effortlessly to create the action you want, over all sectors of the media- television, print, webcasts, social media, and live appearances. Learn more
  • Speech and Presentation Coaching There is so much to think about, so much to know. How one presents themselves can make or break whatever they are representing. Seven seconds - that’s how much time you have to make an audience trust you in a live presentation. We build the natural skills within you that will compel trust and the actions you want, from those seven seconds all the way to your standing ovation. Learn more
  • Media Project Development How do you become the creator that you were meant to be? Where does your personal passion intersect with what you want to deliver to the marketplace? We analyze how those passions and what you have to offer intersect with the marketplace, exploring strategies to make them real across digital, virtual, and real-world platforms. Learn more


Our satisfied professionals sing our praises

I had two clients work with Media Savvy Plus on two giant campaigns -- a tremendous horror franchise (IT, IT2) and also a big DC superhero feature (Birds of Prey).  Both of my clients are under the age of 18.  My client who worked on BOP was only 13 when she started the press tour with Warner Brothers.  This was her first big movie, actually it was her first movie ever.  She had never done anything like this before.  Talking to reporters all day long and doing junkets and answering the same question over and over again can be daunting.  Alejandra and Ramey took my client through all the proper steps to make sure she sounded like herself.  They made sure she had talking points and tricks to get through all the questions necessary.  One of my favorite tips they gave my client was: when you are doing a phone interview, don't sit down, get up and walk around and pace.  My client was constantly doing phoners and at one point, I told her to get up and walk around, the way Alejandra and Ramey suggested..... it was unbelievable..... her mood changed, her answers were better, there was a pep in her step and she seemed more confident.  Also, I felt like Media Savvy Plus was really on our side.  They made sure that both of my clients were 1000% prepared.  I don't think we could've done any of these press tours without them!! Emily Cho, Manager Cho Business
When I was hired to appear on PROJECT RUNWAY, Ramey not only helped me to confidently speak in soundbites, but to express them with conviction. She found my best “self,” and now I return whenever I need a brush up. Philip Carrion: Project Runway, Hollywood Hair Stylist, Owner Estilo Salon
Media Savvy Plus is an amazing asset to our clients and gives our company a competitive advantage as a top NFL Agency. We want our clients to be presentable and well prepared in every aspect of their career and Media Savvy Plus creates a distinct advantage for them. Sean Kiernan: Select Sports Group
Professional. Experienced. Detailed. Inspiring. Educational. Funny. Compassionate. Thought provoking. Life changing. Invaluable! The best investment in myself and my business I have made for a long time. Will Henshall: Focus@will

The chemistry of talent, the artistry of media

  • Confidence Believe and trust in yourself We often hear about chemistry and it is so hard to define. To us, it is an inner sense and confidence of self-expression that can be honed and directed to accomplish what you want for yourself.
  • Clarity Communicate with precision The artistry of media is selecting the ways in which you use media exposure, the right kind of media exposure, to gain the attention you are looking for.
  • Authenticity Be yourself and stay strong Media Savvy Plus combines these two essential objectives to create a powerful and clear media voice with their clients. We delve into the true self that a client wants to communicate.