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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

Zoom Conference calling Zoom Conference Coaching Zoom Conference Coaching

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IMPACT is the key to achieving your goals.

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What we do

The Artistry of Media Training Media Coaching in Los Angeles

Media Savvy Plus combines confidence and clarity to create a powerful media voice and presence for clients throughout the major entertainment capitals: Los Angeles and New York. Through our media training, we give you the tools you need to spread the message you want.

We often hear about chemistry and how it is so hard to define. For us, it is an inner sense and confidence of self-expression that can be honed and directed to carry out what you want for yourself. As for clarity, we believe the artistry of media is selecting the ways in which you use media exposure. Using the right kind of media exposure will help gain the attention you are looking for.

What Is Media Coaching/Training?

Coaching - Your Story

Our media training and coaching techniques revolve around the story of each client. We get to know our clients on a personal level to find out their most valuable qualities. We harness these potentials and mold the client into an industry expert with a suave personality. When the coaching is complete, your public self will fit you as attractively and comfortably as a bespoke suit.

Questions we ask to figure out your story

  • Who are you?
  • What matters to you?
  • Why are you venturing into the media spotlight?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What experiences can you bring to conversations with interviewers, hosts, and/or audiences?
  • How can those experiences be shaped into stories that are both authentic and fascinating to listeners?
  • Which of those stories are perfect to carry out your goals?

Coaching - The Professional Difference

Our Digital Coaching: The Professional Difference

To this potent mix of your personality, your voice, and your experiences, Media Savvy Plus add professional tips to elevate your impact: wardrobe, body language, eye contact, pacing, timing. Our coaching services include digital coaching, where we tailor our tips and tricks to improve your Zoom meetings and other online video conferences. We give you a powerful perspective, like understanding what it’s like to look at you through the eyes of the host, the interviewer, the camera, and the audience. We will help you understand the following:

  • What are you expecting?
  • What is your agenda?
  • How can you get them rooting for you to succeed?
  • How can you get them to see you as an ally, a partner in their success?
  • Are these things you’re going to have to sweat to remember? Hardly.

Media Savvy Plus takes pride in bringing confidence, clarity, and authenticity to those in the public eye through our highly acclaimed media coaching. We combine essential objectives to create a powerful and clear media voice with each client in what we consider to be the major entertainment cities: Los Angeles and New York. Through media coaching, media project development, and speech/presentation coaching, we delve into the true self a client wishes to display. Our Media Coaching entails creating and developing a public persona, and then teaching you how to present that on all sectors of the media– television, print, webcasts, social media, and live appearances. Through Media Project Development, we guide clients through becoming the creator they were meant to be, as well as honing their personal passion to deliver it to the marketplace.

Finally, our Speech/Presentation Coaching helps clients realize how to present themselves as the experts, authors, executives, actors or producers they are.

Media Mastery 101 will help clients find something about themselves to acknowledge, refer to, and incorporate to their daily lives. Through this program, we will show clients how to give their audiences a way to relate to them. Clients will learn tips and tricks, such as the 30-second rule, how to hit the important points, how to limit the plugs, and how to use silence to their advantage.

Additional Services

EPK, Production

If you are doing an Electronic Press Kit either for yourself or your company, we can produce it with you from start to finish. Our team has access to A-list professionals in all areas of production. Directors, make-up artists, photographers, editors and anyone else you might need to complete a presentation with style and effectiveness. We will customize your project according to your budget and desired outcome.

Spanish Language Coaching

Sometimes a client needs to reach the Spanish speaking demo. That can be a daunting situation if they are not comfortable or confident. We build their confidence to have positive and productive experience when dealing with that segment of the press. Our expert in Spanish presentation is available to help with your needs.

MSP Events

MSP is skilled at producing events. We have a team in place ready to help you with all aspects of your affair. Whether it’s 50 or 500 people, if you let us know what you need, we will customize a proposal to help you achieve success in your enterprise.