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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

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Now Offering ZOOM Coaching

Personalized Virtual Coaching. How to master the Art of Zooming with Confidence

Zoom Conference calling Zoom Conference Coaching Zoom Conference Coaching

We’re in the business of…

IMPACT and your power to create it!

We will guide you to discover and hone your talent skills.

What we do

A memorable and lasting…

IMPACT is the key to achieving your goals.

We help present you to the public - our experience can't be matched.

What you can learn

We build your ability

to IMPACT audiences...

in interviews, talk shows, social media and live appearances!

What we do

Self Development and
Media Mastery 101

Media Savvy Plus takes pride in bringing confidence, clarity, and authenticity to those in the public eye through our highly acclaimed media coaching. We combine essential objectives to create a powerful and clear media voice with each client in what we consider to be the major entertainment cities: Los Angeles and New York. Through media coaching, media project development, and speech/presentation coaching, we delve into the true self a client wishes to display. Our Media Coaching entails creating and developing a public persona, and then teaching you how to present that on all sectors of the media– television, print, webcasts, social media, and live appearances. Through Media Project Development, we guide clients through becoming the creator they were meant to be, as well as honing their personal passion to deliver it to the marketplace.

Finally, our Speech/Presentation Coaching helps clients realize how to present themselves as the experts, authors, executives, actors or producers they are.

Media Mastery 101 will help clients find something about themselves to acknowledge, refer to, and incorporate to their daily lives. Through this program, we will show clients how to give their audiences a way to relate to them. Clients will learn tips and tricks, such as the 30-second rule, how to hit the important points, how to limit the plugs, and how to use silence to their advantage.


Our media coaches and advisors will guide you to making the best choices for the industry you wish to thrive in. From dressing to be comfortable and appropriate to the words you say, these things can make or break you. When making a public appearance it is important to be authentic and feel comfortable while considering how you want to be perceived.

What we will work on for you:

  • How you dress
  • Your voice
  • Selecting the best words to use
  • Energy level and body language
  • How to let the camera find you
  • Live versus taped video interviews
  • No host video interview
  • Satellite (video) interview
  • Press events
  • Talk shows
  • Red carpet
  • “Phoners”
  • How to follow through
  • Ask for what you need
  • Nothing is off the record

So give us a call and let us help you reach your potential in front of the media today.