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What we do

Media Project Development Help
in Los Angeles

What are your passion?

What are your passions? Through media coaching, we help people all over Los Angeles and New York City accomplish their goals in the media spotlight by harnessing the power of their passions, personal stories, and their authentic self. Our expertise and insight stems from many years of television, live production, and event planning—corralling countless needs, deadlines, personalities, skills, technologies, and facilities into polished and powerful presentations.

When clients come through our door, it’s because they want to achieve something important to them through appearances in the media. Media Project Development (MPD) brings together our experience and your desire and takes things to the next level. We collaborate with you to bring your vision and passion to life through television shows, web platforms, stage productions, public and private events, and documentaries-whatever vehicles are best suited to reach your goals. We help you discover how your personal passion can intersect with the marketplace to create the results you dream of.

Do you have a TV show or movie bursting to get out of your fertile mind? Are you consumed by a cause that ignites your imagination and compels your heart? Is there a marketing concept or product that you just know has the seeds of a fortune within it? THEN LET´S GET GOING!

We will uncover the hidden strengths of your ideas, show you how to use the environment and technology of entertainment and public image to power those ideas and make them commercially viable, and advise you on the ideal outlets for showcasing your concepts and gather support for them. We will do all of this through the unmistakable impact of your own authentic, original voice.